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And now we must add #ElPaso and #Dayton to the list. And now, once again, we begin a school year in the shadow of domestic terrorism.

Good Guys, Bad Guys, and the end of an armed society.

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Every time we have a gun massacre, two things will happen: The Onion will publish a “No way to prevent this” article and the gun control debate will flare.

Georgia will lose Delta.

3 min read
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle of Georgia threatened Delta Airlines, one of the states largest employer, because the airline ended their discount program for National Rifle Association members, of which Casey Cagle is himself a member.

Mass shooting in the U.S.: Blame the NRA.

3 min read
Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Edmond, Austin, San Ysidro, Killeen, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Orlando, this is a starter list where mass shootings took place in America...
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