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If Chinese conglomerates cannot control our phone networks, why have the Tories sold off our NUCLEAR POWER to the Chinese?

2 min read
If you are a member of the Conservatives who believes our country’s national security should not be sold off to foreign governments for a quick buck...

Arabs leverage lucrative nuclear contracts to enhance security and keep options open.

4 min read
Controversy in South Korea over a secret military clause in a nine-year old agreement to build the United Arab Emirates’ first nuclear reactor raises a Pandora’s Box of questions about political and military demands that Arab nations may seek to impose as they embark on a nuclear trajectory.

Brexit and Euratom: Impact on Cancer treatment, nuclear power plants and climate change.

12 min read
The announcement to leave the Euratom Treaty was unexpected as it is legally distinct from the European Union. However, it shares the same membership and has links with other EU institutions such as the European Commission, Council and Courts of Justice.

How to start a peaceful solution of the North Korea problem and how it could end.🔷

7 min read
The North Korea nuclear problem has been one of the top security challenges encountered by the Trump administration. The Pyongyang Regime confronted the United States by missile tests and nuclear developments.
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