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How much of Barack Obama’s legacy has Donald Trump rolled back?

12 min read
From healthcare, to the environment, immigration and racial justice, which areas of Barack Obama’s legacy were the most vulnerable – and most resilient – during Donald Trump’s first term?

Which is the true game-changer – Federal or State and Local Elections?

6 min read
As 2019 comes to a close all eyes and hype are on the 2020 federal elections and less on state and local elections.

The real 2020 question.

7 min read
This week a familiar face with a familiar message entered the 2020 presidential fray.

The midterm elections will determine life or death.

7 min read
Two weeks ago a reality check occurred, one that reminded us that the midterm elections have life and death consequences.

No health care for poor people.

3 min read
In yet another bad policy decision, Donald Trump has signed an executive order to end the subsidies for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most commonly known as β€œObamacare.”

Here we go again. The GOP epic fail with health care.

3 min read
Health care is an issue America should have fixed long ago. It is distressing to say America is the β€œgreatest country” yet it fails to provide universal health care to its people.
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