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Open Letter to Michel Barnier — We must not be made bargaining chips a second time.

6 min read
Along with the3million, British in Europe have written to Michel Barnier to highlight their concerns about the implementation of their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, as well as to remind him about the issues that are not covered.

Open Letter to Sir David Amess MP — Please protect EU Citizens in Southend and in the UK.

2 min read
Emma from Southend-on-Sea voted Leave in 2016 but she is a Remainer Now. She wrote a letter to her MP asking him to protect EU citizens and their families after Parliament voted down an amendment that would have prevented a Windrush 2.0.

Open Letter to Emmanuel Macron: Details matter for enlargement reform.

4 min read
In an open letter to French President Macron, Corina Stratulat and Milena Lazarevic agree that it is time for a renewed approach to EU enlargement towards the Balkans, but argue that Macron failed to provide a concrete way forward.

Open Letter to Liz Truss — Are you still saying people have not changed their minds?

4 min read
Liz Truss, who herself changed her mind on Brexit to become a Brexiter (perhaps for careerist reasons), claimed “no one” has changed their minds on Brexit. She uses the claim as an argument against a People’s Vote. Shall we look at the evidence, then?

Letter from the People to the Powerful.

1 min read
You’ve marched, now what can you do to help secure a People’s Vote on Brexit? Send a message to the powerful now!

Open Letter to Laura Smith MP — Do not vote for Boris Johnson’s deal.

3 min read
The 2017 Labour manifesto accepted the result, but it also said Labour would put the national interest first.

Open Letter to Gloria De Piero — I changed my mind over Brexit. Time to change your mind too.

3 min read
Anna voted Leave in 2016, but she is a Remainer Now. She recently wrote to Gloria De Piero after the Labour MP asked on live TV to hear from more regretful Leavers so she could come out for a People’s Vote.
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