Operation Yellowhammer

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Yellowhammer: No-deal hammered home.

2 min read
Last year’s Yellowhammer report revealed that a no-deal Brexit would result in rising food and fuel prices, shortage of medicines and public disorder. That was before we knew about Covid-19. Why on earth are we doing this?

So, where exactly are we?...

3 min read
Andy Martin on the Brexit chaos since Boris Johnson took over in Number 10 and where it is likely to lead the country to next.

Yellowhammer summary in summary.

2 min read
A precise summary of everything newspapers have forgotten to tell you this morning about Operation Yellowhammer.

Operation Yellowhammer — Key points.

4 min read
Under pressure, the British Government has finally published the 20 “reasonable worst case planning assumptions’’ under codename Operation Yellowhammer. Here are the key points.

“Irresponsible” for raising concerns — Who dares accuse David Nicholl?

4 min read
David Nicholl has been asking legitimate questions. It is the government’s urgent duty to answer them, say Martin McKee and Trish Greenhalgh.
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