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Could the Dominic Cummings affair damage Boris Johnson in the long term? Here’s what history tells us.

4 min read
The lack of remorse from either the prime minister or his adviser could be their undoing.

Different lockdown rules in the four nations are confusing the public.

5 min read
Researchers find widespread confusion in the UK population about the different lockdown rules, which is partly attributable to national newspaper coverage but also to bad UK Government communication.

Brexit – Another look at attitudes towards extending the transition.

4 min read
Professor John Curtice takes another look at public attitudes towards extending the Brexit transition period in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Donald Trump’s short-lived coronavirus poll bump reveals his fundamental vulnerability.

4 min read
Donald Trump’s ‘rally round the flag’ effect was fleeting, and is unlikely to re-emerge.

Coronavirus: People want media to ramp up factchecking and question dubious claims.

5 min read
Public doubts over some government information have led to calls for more active factchecking of claims.

Public health and the UK economy.

4 min read
For the most part, British people believe that the measures to address health concerns during the coronavirus pandemic should take precedence over addressing economic concerns.

Coronavirus: Study shows people want more scientific expert analysis – and less Boris Johnson.

5 min read
What the UK public thinks of the way the pandemic and lockdown are being covered by the media.
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