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Johnson’s bridge to nowhere.

6 min read
Boris Johnson’s plan for a fixed link between Scotland and Northern Ireland was never realistic. His vanity project was always about attaching his name to something to provide him with a legacy.

I know. I promised myself. But...

4 min read
Donald Trump is not the type to fade quietly into the woodwork. Will he be running again? Could he become president again?

Crying for not being able to protect my children.

2 min read
“I tried to protect my children – now I am being forced to send them in by a government that has done nothing to keep them safe.”

Why it will soon be too late to find out where the COVID-19 virus originated.

5 min read
Since the WHO’s investigation earlier this year, several papers have come to the same conclusion regarding the likely origins of SARS-CoV-2. Yet progress is too slow.

Oys! and Yos!

3 min read
The Screaming Moderate occasionally hands out awards to those who have done good – Yos! – and those who have done bad – Oys! The committee on Yos! and Oys! meets whenever it feels like it.

Decline and fall of Brexit Britain.

4 min read
Challenging the Brexit dogma when the occasion arises can earn respect and is certainly more satisfying than the policy of silence and avoidance espoused for too long by the main political parties.

Three takeaways from the Taliban’s return to Kabul.

3 min read
For two decades the Afghan government didn’t care about its people enough to look after the country better, while the United States refused to be forced to eat humble pie.
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