Oprah Winfrey

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Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview: Why British media coverage could backfire.

7 min read
Could the press’s increasingly hostile campaign against the Sussexes lead to the fall of our toxic tabloid culture?

Like Brexit, Meghan and Harry have warring tribes enlisting for and against.

3 min read
Sometimes it takes an outsider to see the deepest truths within a family. Or a country.

The significance of Oprah 2020 isn’t IF she’s running. It’s that she’d WIN.

5 min read
She’s not running, but her potential speaks volumes about 2018.

The time Oprah Winfrey beefed with the Texas cattle industry.

5 min read
The six weeks Oprah Winfrey spent in Amarillo defending herself in a lawsuit from the beef industry highlight the media mogul's natural political gifts.
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