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Open schools mean deaths – We need a gap year for schools now!

5 min read
As New York closes its schools, in this challenging opinion, Nyla Nox argues that a gap year for all UK schools is needed right now to protect children and adults from the coronavirus pandemic.

Why we need to protect breastfeeding from being undermined by commercial interests.

2 min read
An important piece about misleading science about breastfeeding during the coronavirus pandemic and the damage that cannot be undone.

Coronavirus linked to rare inflammatory disease in children – Here is what we know.

3 min read
Case numbers are very low, but parents should be alert for symptoms.

Coronavirus fears can trigger anti-Chinese prejudice.

4 min read
Asian students were bullied and excluded during the SARS outbreak. Here is how we can get schools to help prevent that happening again.

Parents are pulling children from RE lessons – so they don’t learn about Islam.

4 min read
Islamophobic and anti-semitic parents are removing children from school RE lessons.

How to support the transgender and non-binary kids in your life.

2 min read
Our support is critical to shaping kids' future development and well-being.

Worried about how to pay for your kid’s College education?🔷

3 min read
As parents, it is natural to want what is best for our kids. But remembering that having kids who grow to be healthy, well-adjusted and kind adults, who contribute positively to society is really the end goal for most of us. And none of that requires a certain degree or a particular profession.
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