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Voting could be the problem with democracy.

6 min read
Randomly selecting citizens to take turns governing offers the promise of reinvigorating struggling democracies, making them more responsive to citizen needs and preferences.

Destroying parliaments leads to war – just look at history.

5 min read
Parliaments were and remain institutions of frustrating negotiation and very often unpalatable compromise. They also represent an imperfect but significant check on the abuse of power.

Brexit: Boris Johnson would prorogue parliament at his peril – just ask Charles I.

5 min read
Warning to Boris Johnson: John Major was right – it didn’t end well for the 17th-century king, who ignored parliament and lost his head.

No-deal Brexit β€” Does latest parliamentary vote make it less likely?

3 min read
MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit have won a small victory in parliament – but what does it mean?

Open Letter to MPs β€” Get some backbone and tell us the truth!

2 min read
When a successful business owner talks about the importance of due diligence in any negotiation... it is worth listening.

Reality must kick in now for MPs opposed to a No-Deal Brexit.

3 min read
With a Boris Johnson Prime Minister and the risk of a No-Deal Brexit now higher than ever, MPs must be prepared to force revocation as an emergency measure, Steve Bullock writes.

Rory Stewart on Boris Johnson’s suggestion he could suspend Parliament: β€œWe’ll hold our own session of Parliament and we will bring him down.”

3 min read
Rory Stewart challenges Boris Johnson over the claim that he privately suggested to Brexiters that he would suspend Parliament in order to push through a No-Deal Brexit.
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