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We need to talk about Brexit...

3 min read
Yet another piece about Brexit, but it is necessary to talk about it despite Covid-19. In fact, the pandemic makes it even more important.

Bin the Brexit vanity project!

1 min read
As the new Prime Minister arrives, Mike Galsworthy explains how Remainers can hit him with a petition saying ‘Bin the Brexit vanity project!’

A disingenuous, unprofessional and propagandist response to the ‘Stop Brexit’ petition.

3 min read
Mike Galsworthy on the Government’s recent response to the “Halt Brexit for a public inquiry” petition.

No, the Revoke Art.50 petition is NOT being faked by Russian bots or fraudsters.

3 min read
Tom Prides on whether the petition to revoke article 50 has really been hacked by some Russian bots and non-Brit fraudsters, as Nigel Farage and other Brexiters have repeatedly claimed.

Revoke Article 50 petition — A beautiful and unique data campaigning tool.

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy on why the Revoke Article 50 petition is an incredible and unique, new local data campaigning tool, and why everyone must keep signing and sharing it.

Andrea Leadsom wants to see 17.4m signatures on the Revoke Article 50 petition to take action.

2 min read
Andrea Leadsom and the Government clearly don’t believe in the power of a people’s petition, yet they claim to be on the side of the people... Let’s act!

Get the Revoke Article 50 petition going!

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy on why it is important for everyone to sign, share and spread the word about the Revoke Article 50 petition now.
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