Philip Hammond

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Deregulation and standards after Brexit – What Naomi Klein’s ‘disaster capitalism’ can tell us.

4 min read
The shock of Brexit could have repercussions for the design of the UK economy.

Boris Johnson suspends Parliament — What does it mean for Brexit and why are MPs so angry?

6 min read
MPs are calling it an attack on democracy, the government insists it’s no big deal. Who is right in the battle for Brexit?

Last week’s unmissable politics...

3 min read
Another week of fact-checked and unmissable politics in videos, in case you missed it. Featuring Philip Hammond, Iain Duncan Smith, Steve King, Professor Vernon Bogdanor and Donald Trump...

Beware the power behind Boris’ new throne.

4 min read
The first few days into Boris Johnson’s premiership epitomised what the public is to expect from his leadership. The Cabinet and special advisors now form a crisis beyond Brexit to democracy itself.

Greenpeace interrupt Chancellor’s speech to call for Government to tackle Climate Emergency.

4 min read
Chancellor Philip Hammond’s speech at Mansion House was interrupted by Greenpeace this evening, calling for the Government to tackle the Climate Emergency.

Tory MEP’s unknown ‘Treason Act 1372’ and what the actual law of treason says.

3 min read
A Secret Barrister multipurpose piece on the law of treason in the UK and a rebuke of THAT MEP’s extreme view on anyone opposed to Brexit.
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