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Favoured nations.

1 min read
Dozens of countries around the world have placed restrictions on travellers from the UK after a new variant of the coronavirus that increases transmission was confirmed. Cases have now been confirmed in many countries including Italy, Autralia, Japan, and Canada.

The vaccine is here, the vaccine is here!

1 min read
FM Hansen celebrates the good news: the arrival of the first coronavirus vaccine! The first light at the end of the tunnel. | It is today’s political cartoon.

Elon Move.

1 min read
Elon Musk threatens to pull up stakes and move Tesla HQ and factory from the Silicon Valley to Texas (and Nevada) over California’s coronavirus restrictions. His employees are certainly thrilled... not. | Political cartoon by FM Hansen.

Wave of wariness.

1 min read
Pretending the virus does not exist is not helping... | Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.

Is Trump to abdicate the throne?

1 min read
Is this the only way Donald Trump could accept to abdicate the throne... oops... accept he lost the presidency? | Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.

The haves of the pandemic.

1 min read
The economic coronavirus chasm. | Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.

Trump – The end.

1 min read
Donald Trump’s descent into the abyss is taking the GOP and the entire United States down with him. | Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.
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