Priti Patel

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Can you unintentionally bully someone? Here is the science.

6 min read
Just because someone doesnโ€™t have a calculated agenda of bullying another person, they can still, perhaps subconsciously, intend to harm them in isolated and emotional moments.

Can we spare a thought for the victims of Priti Patelโ€™s bullying?

2 min read
Imagine being bullied at work, then being told it is no big deal, unintentional even, and eventually seeing the bully being protected. Thatโ€™s happening right now at the highest level of power!

Why the UKโ€™s terrorism threat level has been raised and what happens now.

4 min read
Attacks in Austria and France mean that the UK is also on high alert.

The government fundamentally doesnโ€™t want to govern. It just wants to campaign.

3 min read
They have stuffed the cabinet with people who start fights every day but there is no positive policy on any of these things and not one of them is able to govern. They are just left with an instinct to fight.

One day you, or someone you care about, may need to rely on human rights.

3 min read
Are you willing to sacrifice your human rights in the future just to deny others theirs now out of misguided hatred?

Shipping asylum seekers offshore may boost Priti Patelโ€™s hardline image, but Australian example shows itโ€™s not a policy that works.

5 min read
Whatโ€™s really going when the home secretary gets out her map of far-flung British territories?

The Home Office still treats Windrush victims with contempt.

4 min read
On the car crash of a performance Matthew Rycroft gave in his evidence to the Commonsโ€™ Public Accounts Committee on the Windrush Compensation Scheme.
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