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Coronavirus: South Korea’s success in controlling disease is due to its acceptance of surveillance.

4 min read
South Korea’s COVID-19 testing programme relies on what many would call privacy invasions.

Coronavirus: location-tracking apps could stop the disease – Here is how.

4 min read
Research indicates people would be willing to give up privacy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

How cameras in public spaces might change how we think.

3 min read
How you feel about eating chips and wearing your pyjamas out – Experiments show how differently you react when you are being observed.

Facial recognition is spreading faster than you realise.

4 min read
The more we use facial recognition, the more we see its limits and its risks.

Compulsory isolation in the fight against Coronavirus — A clash of human rights and public health.

3 min read
It is now legal in England to isolate people against their wishes to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
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