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Governments must be bound by the law, not present themselves as above the law.

3 min read
On what led the government and ministers to believe that the laws, whether domestic and international, do not apply to them.

The case for a strong selfless parliamentary system.

9 min read
Now is the chance for MPs to show what a strong, selfless Parliamentary Democracy can do and restore the people’s trust in politics in a post-Truth, post-Brexit, and post-Covid world.

Why aren’t we out on the streets protesting against the Tory government?

4 min read
An interesting thread on identifying the right time to act and protest against Boris Johnson’s government.

Supreme Court rules Boris Johnson’s prorogation of UK Parliament was unlawful – What happens now?

5 min read
Does this mean the prime minister lied to the Queen? And could he face personal repercussions?

Brexit: How Boris Johnson could turn Supreme Court defeat into a victory.

4 min read
His prorogation was ruled unlawful, but that won’t stop the prime minister playing the populist card.

Lady Hale lifts the spell of gaslighting in the UK.

2 min read
On a rainy day in late September, a lady wearing a spider brooch lifted the spell of lies and obscurities that was cast over this country and showed us the ground underneath our feet.

Government may just prorogue again, even if it loses the Supreme Court appeal.

3 min read
Jolyon Maugham on why the Government is desperate to continue the prorogation of Parliament, even if it loses.
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