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The ugly truth about British nationalism.

6 min read
The violence in George Square is not Scotland’s shame. This is a British problem. Britishness owns it. Sectarianism and racism are a disease of British nationalism.

Why aren’t we out on the streets protesting against the Tory government?

4 min read
An interesting thread on identifying the right time to act and protest against Boris Johnson’s government.

The Joker to Guy Fawkes: Why protesters around the world are wearing the same masks.

4 min read
From Chile to Lebanon and Iraq to Hong Kong, the same masks have become a common language to register dissent.

If you are more important than the cause you have misunderstood campaigning.

4 min read
The point of mass protest is not to stand out from the crowd, it is to be the crowd, Nicola James writes.

It’s time to get serious and fight for our rights!

2 min read
As 71 million citizens in the UK and across Europe are about to lose their rights because of Brexit, time to rally to demand the rights of all people be defended.

Join the “Defend our Democracy” rallies across the country!

1 min read
This Saturday, join the “Defend our Democracy” rallies in Parliament Square and everywhere in the UK and beyond, Mike Galsworthy says.

Rally 4 Our Rights in London on 12 October.

3 min read
Settled Status, Brits in the EU in limbo, the loss of Freedom of Movement for 65 million people, many of whom were not old enough to vote in 2016. Where does it end?
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