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COVID-19 could nudge minds and societies towards authoritarianism.

5 min read
The threat of disease changes how people behave to minimise the risk of infection – and can even influence their political preferences.

What to expect from post-pandemic voting behaviour.

5 min read
Research shows shared traumas drive political preferences in certain directions.

Should we tell stories of vaccine sceptics who have died of COVID?

5 min read
The news is full of stories of people who refused the jab who died of COVID. Is this the right method to convince the remaining vaccine sceptics?

Will mask-wearing still be common in Britain after the pandemic is over?

5 min read
In East Asian countries, past disease outbreaks have made face masks part of everyday life – but the social context supporting such behaviour isn’t present in the UK.

Should you ditch your mask once restrictions are lifted?

4 min read
A philosopher of public health ponders whether taking your mask off on July 19 is like punching someone in the face or like riding a bike.

Brexit and British identity.

4 min read
What positive thoughts can we extract from this rather gloomy picture called Brexit?

Human behaviour: What scientists have learned about it from the pandemic.

6 min read
A society in crisis is more than the sum of its flawed parts. If a government constantly tells you that the problem lies in those around you, it corrodes trust in and solidarity with your fellow community members.
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