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Governments can learn from consumer psychology when it comes to public health messaging.

4 min read
People are more receptive to a caring tone than fighting talk.

Coronavirus lays bare the trauma of losing your job.

4 min read
Being made redundant reduces a person’s life satisfaction by about 20% – and this psychological scarring can even remain after getting another job.

Coronavirus: What are the chances we’ll change our behaviour in the aftermath?

5 min read
There is evidence that we can make behavioural changes following a crisis.

Expertise and policy.

3 min read
To Professor Simon Usherwood, coronavirus is almost the perfect antithesis of Brexit.

Why coronavirus lockdown rules will not be obeyed by everyone.

4 min read
How we construct our beliefs about the world shape how we react to it.

Coronavirus is accelerating a culture of no touching – Here’s why that’s a problem.

4 min read
Touch is essential to wellbeing, so we must make an effort not to associate it with negative feelings once the coronavirus outbreak is over.

Coronavirus: Are psychological biases causing politicians to make bad choices?

5 min read
The only way around psychological biases is more transparency.
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