Queen Elizabeth II

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Coronavirus: Positive test for Prince Charles brings royal role in national emergencies into focus.

4 min read
The pandemic makes it hard for the royal family to act as national figureheads as they have in past crises.

What was in Boris Johnson’s Queen’s Speech – and does it matter?

4 min read
A vague list of ideas for a government that doesn’t really want to see this parliament run its course.

Supreme Court rules Boris Johnson’s prorogation of UK Parliament was unlawful – What happens now?

5 min read
Does this mean the prime minister lied to the Queen? And could he face personal repercussions?

Boris Johnson’s very risky options.

3 min read
The Supreme Court hearing on whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament for 5 weeks has attracted much media attention. But if the 11 judges rule against him, what are the political implications?

Is Boris Johnson’s parliamentary prorogation constitutional? How to understand the UK system.

3 min read
The UK does not have a written constitution, so how can we tell if the government is right or wrong on this point?

Why the Queen said yes to Boris Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament.

4 min read
The U.K. prime minister sought to suppress Parliamentary opponents, saying he – not they – represents the will of the British people. It put Queen Elizabeth II in a real bind.

Could Boris Johnson really force through a no-deal Brexit in the middle of an election? A constitutional lawyer weighs in.

4 min read
If MPs aren’t sitting in parliament to block no-deal Brexit, can it go ahead anyway?
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