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UK COVID-19 Data: 4 March 2021.

5 min read
A further 242 deaths reported due to Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, and very sadly a total of 13,604 people have now lost their lives because of the coronavirus in the past 28 days – on average that is 486 deaths each day, Dr Joe Pajak writes.

Vaccination isn’t behind the fall in Covid-19 infections. The lockdown is.

7 min read
Why Boris Johnson must resist the pressure by libertarians of all types and stripes to lift all Covid-19 lockdown restrictions early.

The Week in Covid-19.

9 min read
We look back at last week’s coronavirus situation in the UK, the number of infections remaining high during the lockdown, vaccine nationalism, the gap between vaccine doses, the South African variant, the NHS, and more...

UK COVID-19 Data: 21 January 2021.

4 min read
Another 1,290 COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours – and a total of 8,565 deaths in the past 7 days, another record high since the pandemic began, Dr Joe Pajak writes.

Coronavirus: Are cases in England really slowing?

5 min read
The latest REACT study provides some reassurance, but there is significant uncertainty in the numbers.
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