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A β€˜new start’ built on old lies.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s Brexit analysis on how the β€œLet’s Get Going” campaign reflects the conundrum of the β€œProject Fear” line, the slogans conceal that all the preparations are for things to get worse, and what some consequences might be.

World economy flashes red over coronavirus – with strange echoes of 1880s Yellow Peril hysteria.

5 min read
Global markets are finally waking up to the threat of the outbreak. To venture a prediction, all the major European countries will enter recession.

How Brexit uncertainty is hurting the UK economy in four charts.

5 min read
It’s time to break the deadlock with a referendum on no-deal Brexit or Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement.

Recession β€” An unavoidable fact of life if we get railroaded into a no-deal Brexit.

2 min read
Charlie Mullins on why Boris Johnson must avoid a no-deal to prevent a recession at all costs, or it might well spell the end of his premiership.
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