Regretful Leave Voters

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If you want to Re-join at any point, you need these people on side.

2 min read
A wide range of people voted Leave in 2016 and it is wrong to treat them all the same, Danielle Yorks argues.

Open Letter to Sir David Amess MP β€” Please protect EU Citizens in Southend and in the UK.

2 min read
Emma from Southend-on-Sea voted Leave in 2016 but she is a Remainer Now. She wrote a letter to her MP asking him to protect EU citizens and their families after Parliament voted down an amendment that would have prevented a Windrush 2.0.

Life is a journey.

4 min read
The extraordinary story of James, from Yorkshire and the Humber, who used to be a far-right and Brexit supporter until his life came together, and he completely changed his mind. A Remainer Now, he wants a final say to put things right once and for all.

Open Letter to Gloria De Piero β€” I changed my mind over Brexit. Time to change your mind too.

3 min read
Anna voted Leave in 2016, but she is a Remainer Now. She recently wrote to Gloria De Piero after the Labour MP asked on live TV to hear from more regretful Leavers so she could come out for a People’s Vote.

Leave voters, β€œit’s okay to change your mind.”

5 min read
The fascinating story of Jamie, who voted Leave in 2016, and went from wanting the UK to leave the EU without a deal to becoming a #RemainerNow and now even supporting a People’s Vote. Here he is correcting his own misguided tweets...

I voted Leave β€” Hardest thing is to realise and accept it was a mistake.

1 min read
Willie voted Leave in 2016. He believed what the Leave campaign wrote on its infamous big red bus. But he has come to realise it was a mistake and is a Remainer Now who would change his vote in a second referendum.

I voted Leave – I hate myself for believing the lies.

2 min read
Jen, a teacher from Southampton, voted Leave in 2016. She slowly started to see Brexit becoming nothing like what was promised to voters like her. She also understands the EU better now. Jen is a Remainer Now.
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