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Why masks are a religious issue.

4 min read
Are masks a religious matter, or is religion being used to suit people’s political agendas? A scholar of Christian conservatism and culture argues both can be true.

Pompeo’s plan for a hierarchy of human rights could serve to undermine them all – including religious freedom.

5 min read
A commission set up by the US Secretary of State says religious freedom and property rights should be elevated above other rights. It has prompted concern from faith-based and secular critics alike.

Whose religious freedom is it?

5 min read
Commitment to a belief is only meaningful when it is freely chosen, which is what a liberal, secular American government protects, Greg Camp writes.

Parents are pulling children from RE lessons – so they don’t learn about Islam.

4 min read
Islamophobic and anti-semitic parents are removing children from school RE lessons.

Salvation outside the church? The ECJ rules on religious discrimination in employment.

10 min read
The Court of Justice has issued its first major ruling on the reconciliation of the autonomy rights of religious organisations with the right of employees (or potential employees) of such organisations to be free of discrimination.

Trump's spiritual adviser: Send me your salaries.🔷

1 min read
Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser and televangelist, Pastor Paula White, has suggested that people send her their salary this January in order to transform their lives, or face divine consequences otherwise.

Greggs the baker's portrayal of Jesus as a sausage roll echoes the Gospel of John – biblical studies expert.

4 min read
It’s not uncommon for queues to form in some towns and cities as the daily doughnuts, cheese and onion pasties and steak bakes come out of Greggs' ovens. But it is the sausage roll that is the star turn.
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