Remain Alliance

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We shouldn’t have lost this election.

4 min read
I need to have a rant. It will probably cost me followers, but right now that is the very least of my worries. Please read this piece before blocking me for criticising ‘your party’.

Everything you need to know about Brexit Party’s Leave ‘pact’.

5 min read
How will the Brexit Party’s unilaterial ‘Leave Alliance’ impact the Conservatives?

The Brexit gambit.

5 min read
While a boost for Brexiters, Farage’s decision to stand down in Tory-held seats may not pay the dividends he or Johnson seek.

100 years and 363 days on, another ‘coupon’ election in Britain?

2 min read
The announcement of an election pact by three ‘Remain’, pro-European parties — the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru — is a throwback to 1918, a momentous year for Britain electorally.

The coming election.

8 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis looking at how Boris Johnson’s gamble has created a last chance for Remainers (and Brexiters), with remainer single-mindedness and the stance of the Brexit Party being crucial. Plus a plea to focus scrutiny on Brexit...

General Election is on — How it happened and what to expect now.

4 min read
This election is a big gamble for everyone involved. Anything short of a Tory majority could see the opposition parties band together to frustrate the Conservatives and perhaps even form a coalition.

The Supreme Court judgment and its aftermath.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis, including discussion of the judgment, how Johnson’s reaction has successfully distracted attention from it, and what difference the judgment and the reaction make to Brexit itself.
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