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Boris Johnson’s Brexit — Ramping up the rhetoric...

4 min read
Trying to conjure up support from just one section of the electorate in an attempt to save your political party from annihilation at the next general election is quite frankly disgraceful, Andy Martin writes.

Four things we learnt from a dreadful week in Westminster.

5 min read
When MPs returned to the benches this week, no one could have predicted the scenes of anger and emotion. Opposition politicians collided with an officially sponsored dangerous rhetoric. Most definitely, one of the worst weeks in parliamentary history.

An endless failure.

4 min read
By any normal benchmark, Boris Johnson is a failure as Prime Minister, Professor Simon Usherwood writes.

Grab your sandbags – the Tories are imploding.

4 min read
Last week’s dramatic return to Parliament saw the Conservatives fall to factional strife, losing 22 MPs over five days. Amber Rudd also announced her resignation in The Sunday Times. With the ‘Resistance Bill’ awaiting Royal Assent, the fuse is running short for the ‘natural party’ of government.

A Remain Parliament after Brexit could retrospectively rule UK had not left the EU.

4 min read
All of last week’s discussions around Westminster were about the formation of an emergency Government by anti-No-Deal MPs and who could lead such a Government. However, the most significant bit is what comes next...

Open Letter to Remainers — The real fight starts now!

3 min read
Some Remainers are tired of fighting and can’t see how to stop Brexit with Boris Johnson in Number 10. Remember, Britain didn’t vote for no-deal in the first place. Don’t give up now!

Boris Johnson prepares for a General Election, and banks on the Remain opposition to remain disunited.

3 min read
In many ways Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy is essentially the same as Theresa May’s 2017 General Election strategy. The context, however, is different, and Johnson will run a more effective campaign than May.
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