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Public attitudes and preferences on Brexit Day.

5 min read
Although a majority of Brits would vote against it today, the UK is leaving the EU today.

The way forward.

1 min read
With the fact that we are leaving on 31 January now confirmed, we all have to consider what we do next and how to do it.

Remainers did not defend UK citizens – This is the key to their defeat.

4 min read
What is needed now is clarity of vision and refusal to indulge in the kind of wishful thinking many Remainers indulged in for three years, Nyla Nox writes.

General Election 2019 — The aftermath.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on the aftermath of the General Election in terms of immediate causes, deeper roots and future prospects.

Recriminations and regret.

5 min read
This is my take on the General Election. The problem with Remain has always been the lack of visible and tactical leadership.

Brexit or Indyref2? The foundations of the SNP’s electoral advance.

5 min read
Professor John Curtice on how the outcome of the General Election in Scotland adds to the evidence that Brexit is undermining the foundations of support for the Union.

Failures, takes and tough futures — What happens now?

7 min read
In these difficult times, it is an essential task to persevere with empathy in politics, Daniel Reast writes.
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