Revoke Article 50

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General Election 2019 — The aftermath.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on the aftermath of the General Election in terms of immediate causes, deeper roots and future prospects.

Revoke Article 50. Now.

5 min read
The revocation of Article 50 is the only honest solution, Nyla Nox writes.

A state of suspension.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on last week’s developments or non-developments, negotiations or non-negotiations, the Lib Dems’ revoke policy both in principle and as political tactic, plus a bit on Corbyn.

Revoking Article 50 will be dangerous.

4 min read
Daniel Laycock on why he believes the Revoke position of the Lib Dems is just plain wrong.

Boris Johnson’s very risky options.

3 min read
The Supreme Court hearing on whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament for 5 weeks has attracted much media attention. But if the 11 judges rule against him, what are the political implications?

Anti-democratic? Not in my opinion.

4 min read
At their annual party conference in Bournemouth this week, the Lib Dems voted to change policy and revoke Article 50 if they win the next General Election. Andy Martin explains why, as a Leave voter who changed his mind, he supports the idea.

I’m a EU citizen and I am done being a silent observer and a victim of Brexit.

5 min read
Alexandrine Kántor on her journey through Brexit, on growing tired of the fearmongering, xenophobia and lies, becoming a Councillor, and choosing to fight for EU citizens’ rights because of the Home Office failures.
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