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Trump accepts the nomination from the White House lawn, portraying a nation in crisis and himself as its hero.

3 min read
The Republican National Convention wrapped up with Trump sounding familiar themes but speaking from an unusual location.

The unreal Convention.

4 min read
Donald Trump accepted his partyโ€™s nomination for reelection on Thursday night and spoke for 70 minutes. I didnโ€™t count, but I would bet he averaged a lie every minute or two.

Trump has said nothing about Jacob Blake and his familyโ€™s pain. That tells us all we need to know.

2 min read
What would Donald Trump have said if Jacob Blake had not looked the way he did?

Trumpโ€™s 2020 convention is surely the one Lukashenko wouldโ€™ve had in Belarus.

2 min read
Depend upon it, if Alexander Lukashenko had been minded to stage a re-election convention instead of just going ahead and winning by a landslide, the Belarusian strongman would have modelled it on Donald Trumpโ€™s 2020 event.

Ordinary people.

6 min read
When the Republicans said they would be featuring โ€œaverageโ€ people during their convention, last night was not what I pictured.
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