Robert Mueller

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Censure, impeachment or SOMETHING!

7 min read
Two things are now crystal clear: 1. Mueller’s investigation and his report DID NOT clear President Trump of any wrong doing, and 2. censure, impeachment, or something has to be done to address the wrongs Trump has committed.

Just the facts, ma’am.

2 min read
During his appearances on Capitol Hill, Robert Mueller repeated that his report did not clear the President of wrong doing.

If Trump is not indicted because he cannot be, he should be.

7 min read
Robert Mueller speaks volumes. Two of them. Mike Selinker on Robert Mueller’s conclusions about President Trump.

He still doth protest too much.

4 min read
How to deal with the serial liar in the White House? B. Jay Cooper on Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, Vladimir Putin and the path to Impeachment.

Some lessons from the Mueller Report.

4 min read
The long-awaited Mueller Report is out (redacted) and basically tells each side of America’s polarization they were right. Some thoughts...

Mueller report — How Congress can and will follow up on an incomplete and redacted document.

5 min read
The Mueller report is out, heavily redacted and the investigative materials it’s based on aren’t public. That’s where Congress comes in, writes a former House counsel. Now they can investigate.

What happens next with the Mueller report? 3 essential reads.

5 min read
The full report on the special counsel’s Trump investigation has now been made public. As people, Congress and prosecutors nationwide dig into Mueller’s findings, here are three key issues to watch.
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