Robert Mueller

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Catching up with the news.

4 min read
B. Jay Cooper on some big news events in the US last week: Mueller, Trump, Joe Biden, tax returns and the Democrats 2020 battle.

As the onion peels...

5 min read
You have to have patience to peel an onion and Robert Mueller, the independent counsel on the “did Russia muck in our election” probe, may be the best onion peeler in history.

The tip of the Trump iceberg?

3 min read
The raid on President Trump’s “fixer” on Monday may be the thread that unravels lots of troubling issues for the President.

Trump calls out Mueller by name. What’s up??

2 min read
President Trump for the first time used Robert Mueller’s name in a tweet, a move I take to mean something is up. He typically refers to Mueller as the special counsel.

Why Trump will testify.

2 min read
It sounds insane. Trump says he’s “looking forward” to being interviewed by Special Counsel Bob Mueller, and his legal team has been negotiating for weeks to determine the conditions under which that might happen.

Trump could be trapped by Mueller's questions.🔷

1 min read
Experts believe special counsel Robert Mueller could be about to trap Donald Trump over reports the U.S. President had ordered his firing last June, which would constitute obstruction of justice.

Careless whispers.🔷

2 min read
As James Comey was the only person who could credibly “clear” Hillary Clinton in July 2016, Robert Mueller is the only human being on earth who can definitively establish the president’s innocence and that of his campaign.
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