Rory Stewart

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Not questioning Number 10’s coronavirus plan is a direct legacy of Brexit.

4 min read
On why Number 10’s science must be thoroughly scrutinised, questioned, checked, and tested before it becomes official, and why without an open and transparent debate, the government is demanding blind faith from an entire nation.

Tantric Brexit.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on how 3 years on the leadership contest masks the extent of the crisis the UK is in, Article 24, Boris Johnson’s prospects, the strange days we’re living through – and more...

Rorymania was pretty insufferable – but much better than what comes next.

4 min read
The Conservative leadership contest is nearly at its end, taking with it the aspirations of Rory Stewart. Watching observers fawn over him was agonising. And the worst result looms large on the horizon.

Rory Stewart: Who is he and does he really stand a chance against Boris Johnson?

5 min read
Rory Stewart’s unconventional style has landed him in the second round of the Conservative leadership election – but he spins like a classic politician.

Rory Stewart on Boris Johnson’s suggestion he could suspend Parliament: “We’ll hold our own session of Parliament and we will bring him down.”

3 min read
Rory Stewart challenges Boris Johnson over the claim that he privately suggested to Brexiters that he would suspend Parliament in order to push through a No-Deal Brexit.

Why even staunch ‘Remainers’ have to find a compromise.

5 min read
Chris from Loughborough argues that in order to avoid the most devastating form of Brexit, Remainers may have to start to accept the least worst form of Brexit.
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