Rudy Giuliani

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They were a mob waiting for a leader.

4 min read
I have come around to thinking this entire Trump presidency has been, and is, far more than a grift.

A new guardrail against racism revealed itself in the 2020 Election.

6 min read
It is no longer possible to win a national election in the United States running on a racist political platform.

The clown car is unloading everything.

6 min read
The clown car is emptying to give one last theater of the absurd performance.

Team Rudy to the rescue!

1 min read
As Donald Trump tries to overturn the US Election results by all means, his personal lawyer and former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, dazzles everyone in court. | Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.

If Trump lost, why am I sad?

4 min read
The election results are sadder than I thought they’d be but not for the reason I thought they’d be. And it’s not totally President Trump’s fault. Not entirely anyway.

Things that make me go hmmmm.

4 min read
When CNN announced that Joe Biden was the projected winner of the presidential race Saturday, something changed in the universe.

Raging Bull(shit).

5 min read
I caught the end of Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece Raging Bull a few nights ago and immediately thought of my former boss, Rudy Giuliani. Once a proud political prizefighter, Giuliani’s latest gimmicks come off as groan-inducing trope best relegated to the seedy dive bars of New York City.
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