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Brexit β€” Six blind men and the elephant in theΒ room.

3 min read
The following tale is based on an ancient buddhist story written over 2,500 years ago, β€œBlind men and the elephant.” Smile! It’s only a satire... or, is it?

The Brexiters’ blueprint for Brexit.

2 min read
I think they have inadvertently used Wile E. Coyote as a blueprint for Brexit. Here brexitarus vulgaris can be seen eyeing up the opportunities of Global Britain.

A candidate guide β€” I went on a date with every presidential candidate so you don’t have to.

2 min read
A different take on the Democratic race to the White House by Nicole Najafi. In her funny thread, the New York writer imagines going on a date with every presidential candidate. β€œA candidate guide turned down by the New Yorker, so you can enjoy it without a paywall here.”

Brexit β€” Lost in Space.

3 min read
Fuelled by rhetoric and promises, the Brexit starship and its crew, half of them enthusiastic, half less so, left our planet two years ago to boldly go where no ship of state has gone before...

The Withdrawal Agreement will not be reopened, Boris.

2 min read
Steve Bullock’s own take – Brexit style – on Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

What could Brexit Hell look like?

3 min read
I have worked out what Brexit Hell would be like. Easily disturbed look away now...

The Brexit Hour – Why Nigel Farage could be our Churchill.

5 min read
Why Nigel Farage could be our Churchill and lead us into the light.
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