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To prepare climate strikers for the future, we need to rewrite the history books.

5 min read
Instead of Tudors and Churchill, history students need to learn how civilisation has arrived at the point of no return.

Why Dominic Cummings’ blog on science is... a bit depressing.

1 min read
We should set policy in science by listening to the science community, not Dominic Cummings and a little clique of scientists around him resentful of others.

Pseudoscience is taking over social media – and putting us all at risk.

4 min read
New evidence suggests most YouTube videos on climate change deny its existence.

Why plants don’t die from cancer.

4 min read
Most plant life survived the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl – and they have a lack of legs to thank for it.

The abortion of what everyone agrees is human life.

6 min read
Religious doctrine and religious politics can inspire but must not dictate medical science, Isaac Newton Farris Jr. writes.
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