Scottish Independence

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Johnson’s thumping win an electoral lesson in not just having policies, but knowing how to sell them.

5 min read
Johnson is back at No 10 – but British voters may be in for a rude shock when they realise his is a much tougher and more conservative agenda than many believe.

Why Nicola Sturgeon is pushing so hard for indyref2.

5 min read
At first glance it seems like a strange strategy to go big on another independence referendum when half of Scots would vote No.

An unresolved question? The Independence debate five years on.

4 min read
Disenchantment at the prospect of Brexit has now persuaded some Europhile voters to switch in favour of Scottish independence, Sir John Curtice writes. Claim that Brexit does not pose any risk to Scotland’s future membership of the UK looks significantly more difficult to sustain.

Open Letter to Brexiters — Look again at why you want to leave.

4 min read
Andy Martin asks Brexiters to look again at the reasons they want Britain to leave the EU and to consider issues they may not have considered before that could destroy the UK.

Not so hypothetical a swing after all? First post-Boris poll from Lord Ashcroft.

4 min read
Professor John Curtice’s analysis of the latest Lord Ashcroft poll that puts IndyRef2 vote intentions at Yes 52% vs No 48%.
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