Second Referendum

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Is questioning the legitimacy of the Brexit process possible?

2 min read
Will Bott on whether it is still possible to ask such a question as “Is this even a good idea?”.

Not whether to vote but how to vote – That is the question.

5 min read
General Election or Second Referendum? There is little agreement about how the will of the people should now be ascertained, Sir John Curtice writes.

Anti-democratic? Not in my opinion.

4 min read
At their annual party conference in Bournemouth this week, the Lib Dems voted to change policy and revoke Article 50 if they win the next General Election. Andy Martin explains why, as a Leave voter who changed his mind, he supports the idea.

I voted Leave — Hardest thing is to realise and accept it was a mistake.

1 min read
Willie voted Leave in 2016. He believed what the Leave campaign wrote on its infamous big red bus. But he has come to realise it was a mistake and is a Remainer Now who would change his vote in a second referendum.

So, where exactly are we?...

3 min read
Andy Martin on the Brexit chaos since Boris Johnson took over in Number 10 and where it is likely to lead the country to next.
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