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Why we need to stay alert to the terror threat as the UK reopens.

4 min read
As businesses use more outdoor space, we must make sure these areas are suitably protected.

Facial recognition is spreading faster than you realise.

4 min read
The more we use facial recognition, the more we see its limits and its risks.

Britain’s Huawei controversy has wider important significance.

4 min read
The UK-Huawei controversy is not unique and not only about who owns it. It is also about key questions of which Chinese companies we want to engage with, what they are, and on what terms? No room for UK government’s political kowtowing here.

Brexit: What the army could legally do to maintain public order if needed.

5 min read
Dystopian predictions of a no-deal Brexit have led to reports that the military could be used to maintain public order.
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