Sexual Abuse

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Those kind of “Boys”.

5 min read
Changing the lives of women and girls cannot happen unless we eliminate entitlement. Male entitlement. White entitlement. Wealth entitlement. Child of powerful parents entitlement.

5 ways to face down the predators in our midst.

3 min read
While our first instinct might be to lunge at the predator, try this instead.

Senator Franken will eventually be forced to resign.

2 min read
Senator Al Franken returned to work on Monday, after apologising for sexual misconduct against multiple women. Vowing to regain the public’s trust in him, Franken stated that “this will never happen again.”

Listen to the women.

1 min read
The revelation that Al Franken sexually harassed LeeAnn Tweeden has created a firestorm at least within the rank and file of the Democratic party about whether Franken should actually resign.
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