Sexual Harassment

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3 reasons why Bill Clinton does not qualify for #MeToo.

6 min read
The main focus of the Bill Clinton book tour is not his new novel, it’s the #MeToo Movement question.

Hillary blows it… again.

3 min read
Last week Hillary emerged from the woods to remind us how she lost the election to an ignorant, racist bozo who boasted on tape about getting away with sexual assault.

That appalling Presidents Club event and the enduring ‘blame-the-victim’ culture.

6 min read
After the recent Financial Times’ investigation into the appalling practices that have been occuring for decades at The Presidents Club charity events, some people still claim that female hostesses at the recent charity dinner weren’t actually sexually harassed.

The women’s revolt: Why now, and where to.

21 min read
The #MeToo surge against sexual abuse opens prospects for pivotal societal change, but presents challenges too

A Rose by any other name still stinks.

1 min read
We learned yet another media figure was accused of sexual misconduct, Charlie Rose. PBS says it’s shocked, CBS says the accusations are extremely disturbing. Both, alongside Bloomberg TV and radio are suspending Rose.

Your #MeToo could be #MyFault.🔷

6 min read
For every man or woman who actively participated in Weinstein’s well-orchestrated traps, there were dozens more in his employ who laughed it off, looked away, or saw it as a normal part of doing business in the industry. Twenty years ago, I could have been one of them...

Saints and sinners in the workplace.

3 min read
There appears to be a general acceptance that the rumours are grounded in some evidence. Clearly, if the substantive allegations really are true, it is difficult to argue against dismissal. You simply cannot have senior staff predating on people over whom they are exercising authority.
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