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Britain’s Brexit divorce is here – But the bickering over alimony payments and who gets the house is only beginning.

3 min read
Even though the UK is officially out of the EU tonight, it will take at least another 11 months of negotiations before its departure is complete.

Is “f*** business” now government policy?

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on last week’s statements about regulatory divergence. Government ministers may not understand the implications of what they say but the message to businesses is clear.

How UK centric argument on Brexit misunderstands EU motivations.

4 min read
Having spent three years very close to the EU side, I think it is important to correct some inaccuracies in Anand Menon’s Financial Times piece on how the EU intransigence has presumably driven the UK, important trade and security partner, further away.

Ultra-Brexiters now claim I voted for no-deal. I didn’t. That’s a real betrayal of my vote.

5 min read
Meet David from Somerset. He voted Leave in 2016, but not for No-Deal. Unless an EFTA/Norway deal is on offer, he is a reluctant Remainer Now who would rather vote Remain in a new referendum.

Brexit: The outcome.

3 min read
In uncertain times, we crave certainty to get us through the turbulence.

Lost in transition: the legal and political hurdles facing Britain.

7 min read
Semantic debates aside, agreeing on the nature of the transition could be more difficult than was initially expected.
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