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Does Scotland want IndyRef2 this year?

6 min read
Professor John Curtice’s latest analysis on whether or not Scotland wants IndyRef2 to happen – and, if so, when.

The ‘People’s Vote’. A campaign doomed to fail.

5 min read
There has surely never been a campaign as inept as the ‘People’s Vote’. As the hard Brexiters conclude their win this week, here is why this disastrous campaign was doomed to fail even when there was a majority in favour of stopping Brexit.

Brexit or Indyref2? The foundations of the SNP’s electoral advance.

5 min read
Professor John Curtice on how the outcome of the General Election in Scotland adds to the evidence that Brexit is undermining the foundations of support for the Union.

Failures, takes and tough futures — What happens now?

7 min read
In these difficult times, it is an essential task to persevere with empathy in politics, Daniel Reast writes.

SNP landslide: Boris Johnson needs smarter response than refusing Scotland an independence vote.

5 min read
Independence support in Scotland is now at critical levels. The ball is in the UK prime minister’s court.

Johnson’s thumping win an electoral lesson in not just having policies, but knowing how to sell them.

5 min read
Johnson is back at No 10 – but British voters may be in for a rude shock when they realise his is a much tougher and more conservative agenda than many believe.

I support Nicola Sturgeon.

5 min read
I support Nicola Sturgeon because she represents the only path to a kinder, more compassionate Scotland.
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