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How racist is Britain today? What the evidence tells us.

5 min read
Survey data shows British people continue to hold racist views and that minorities continue to face discrimination when applying for jobs.

As states reopen, tensions flare between the rule followers and rule breakers.

5 min read
The divide transcends partisan bickering. Some people really do recoil at the imposition of strict rules, while others become anxious when rules are not followed.

Anti-immigration attitudes are disappearing among younger generations in Britain.

4 min read
New research found persistent differences between generations of people in the UK when it comes to their attitudes to immigration.

How dogs help keep multiracial neighbourhoods socially segregated.

6 min read
American cities are getting more diverse, but neighbours of different races don’t necessarily socialize with each other. A sociologist, Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, discovered one surprising reason why.

We pay for our own surveillance, police our own words, and track our own movement.

3 min read
The government doesn’t need to implement a surveillance state if social media and private companies provide one already.

That appalling Presidents Club event and the enduring ‘blame-the-victim’ culture.

6 min read
After the recent Financial Times’ investigation into the appalling practices that have been occuring for decades at The Presidents Club charity events, some people still claim that female hostesses at the recent charity dinner weren’t actually sexually harassed.

They, she, ze, he… Revisiting why pronouns matter.

2 min read
We’ve been socialized to use gender as a filter when attributing traits, aptitude, and expected behaviors. Pink and blue paths tell the world how to treat us, and how we should interpret ourselves in society. Dr Jen O'Ryan argues it is now time to revisit personal pronouns.
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