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Who would make the best prime minister?

1 min read
A further indicator of Boris Johnson’s wavering popularity through the Covid-19 crisis.

Do Americans support rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement?

1 min read
Two weeks ago, the United States formally left the Paris Climate Agreement, becoming the first country to ever leave an international pact on climate change.

More Trump supporters plan to vote on Election Day.

1 min read
How Democrat and Republican voters planned to vote in today’s presidential election.

Trump vs Biden β€” The final stats.

3 min read
This year’s battleground States, the rise of early voting, and the final poll of polls of the 2020 US Election.

Biden vs. Trump: Who will take the Electoral College?

2 min read
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been leading his opponent, Republican incumbent President Donald Trump in the polls ahead of the U.S. presidential elections on November 3. What about the Electoral College?

Trump ramps up Twitter use ahead of the November 3 Presidential Election.

2 min read
Trump’s reliance on communicating via Twitter has become more evident over the past year as he has ratcheted up his activity on the platform, especially in recent months.

Scottish Independence: Support at absolute record high.

1 min read
Could the combined Brexit and coronavirus pandemic seal the fate of the United Kingdom with a win for Scottish Independence?
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