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Coronavirus: Public confused and suspicious over government’s death toll information.

5 min read
Most people believe the government was wrong to stop publishing international comparisons of COVID-19 death tolls at daily briefings. Many saw this as an attempt to cover up just how badly the UK has handled the pandemic.

6 countries, 6 curves: How nations that moved fast against COVID-19 avoided disaster.

5 min read
Countries aiming to flatten the coronavirus curve have one crucial aim: reduce the “effective reproduction number” of the virus to below 1. This means the spread is slowing, rather than accelerating.

Prime example of misreading stats: Report of 2019 a record-breaking year for UK exports an illusion.

5 min read
Is the UK economy booming or are the statistics being twisted out of shape by the shuffling of gold bullion? A strange and unprecedented £13bn export in gold is skewing the UK’s economic statistics. And the government fell for it.

Latest Settled Status stats — Here’s what the Home Office won’t brag about.

2 min read
Alexandra Bulat took the time to analyse the latest EU citizens’ Settled Status stats from the Home Office. Here is what she found...

Another dose of Chequers? Voters’ initial reactions to the draft Brexit deal.

9 min read
Sir John Curtice’s analysis of the reactions to Theresa May’s unpopular Brexit deal by both Remain and Leave voters, and what option each group actually prefers.

How are UK online news outlets covering Brexit? (Part IV)

5 min read
The fourth part of a selection of pieces of analysis (with data and charts) quantifying different aspects of the Brexit coverage in the UK news media in 2018. Round 4: Is the news outlets’ focus on abstract concepts a reason voter opinions are slow to shift?

Has there been any kind of swing between Remain and Leave?

4 min read
Have our attitudes towards Remain and Leave changed? With the ‘EURef2 Poll of Polls’, we are now able to provide a simple summary of the evidence on the question.
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