Steve Bannon

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Who will foot the bill for the bailouts? The much-derided public sector.

7 min read
With bailouts for Big Finance and tax-sheltered corporations, working people are paying the costs of the crisis.

Boris Johnson. The great pretender.

11 min read
Why Boris Johnson’s decision not to apologise for his disgraceful comments about Muslim women a year ago was the sign that, as a gambler, he had chosen a dangerous path simply to further his political career. It worked.

‘New nationalism’: The real reason it’s so scary.

4 min read
Nativist rhetoric is nothing new. But ideas once considered fringe are now being absorbed into the mainstream.

Trump vs Bannon: Cuck fight!

4 min read
What you need to know about the Trump-Bannon divorce and its implications in the Trump Administration.

Trump: Bannon "lost his mind."

4 min read
President Trump launched a furious attack against his former White House aide and Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, saying that "he lost his mind" after losing his job at the White House.

What is the life expectancy of the Bannon movement?

4 min read
After being forced out as White House Chief Strategist in August, Steve Bannon has taken his conservative, anti-establishment, message on the road.
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