Tactical Voting

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Decision time.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on the difficult choices the General Election campaign has deferred and what lies beneath them, the post-truth election, dilemmas of tactical voting and how they will test Remainer commitment.

It’s about giving a shit.

2 min read
If you are still unsure as to why you should definitely vote tactically in Thursday’s General Election, read this brilliant piece by Steve Bullock.

2019 election polls: How to understand a confusing picture in the last days of the campaign.

4 min read
Tactical voting and shifting party allegiances mean the final week could change everything.

What would ‘getting Brexit done’ mean?

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on what the Tory promise would mean for Leavers, Remainers, those who are sick of hearing about Brexit, and the country. Plus some comments on the Lib Dems and Labour.

The ultimate tactical voting guide.

2 min read
Check out how to vote tactically on 12 December to defeat the Tories.

Remainers vs Brexit Zombies.

4 min read
Remainers can still prevent the worst outcome and I know that millions will try to do so.

Remain has become invisible. But Remainers will blaze a new path.

3 min read
Has Remain disappeared from this election? I know there are millions of Remainers. I know they can act.
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