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FaceApp — Things are not what they seem... You. Are. The. Product.

5 min read
With FaceApp, Dr Helen de Cruz discovers a whole new level of creepy.

Amazon wins ‘.amazon’ domain name, aggravating South American region and undermining digital commons.

5 min read
Who has the right to use an Amazon domain name? The people who live there or a company with the same name?

Surveillance cameras will soon be unrecognisable – Time for an urgent public conversation.

5 min read
If you thought police surveillance was mere CCTV, it is time to catch up on what is happening on the other side of the lens.

Fact-checking Andrea Leadsom’s Irish border fantasy solution.

6 min read
Andrea Leadsom, like many other Brexiters, believes the Irish border backstop could be replaced by a technological solution, what Brussels regards as “magical thinking” on the British side.

Uber’s $9 billion IPO rests on drivers’ 80-plus hour workweeks and a lot of waiting.

6 min read
One of Uber’s selling points is that a driver is always available to pick up a rider within minutes. But the drivers who make this possible aren’t being compensated for the time they spend waiting.

Britain’s Huawei controversy has wider important significance.

4 min read
The UK-Huawei controversy is not unique and not only about who owns it. It is also about key questions of which Chinese companies we want to engage with, what they are, and on what terms? No room for UK government’s political kowtowing here.

Which of these people would you trust most?

4 min read
Memes and social networks have become weaponised. The happy days of kittens and hot dog legs on a deck chair are still with us, but we have been joined by political-bot armies.
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