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Why we need to stay alert to the terror threat as the UK reopens.

4 min read
As businesses use more outdoor space, we must make sure these areas are suitably protected.

Islamic State could be about to hit back, and the world is paying little attention.

5 min read
Seven striking similarities between developments regarding Islamic State today and the period before its surge in 2013-14.

Lessons on terrorism and rehabilitation from the London Bridge attack.

4 min read
Prison rehabilitation programs are difficult, but to give up and do nothing would be not merely cynical, but self-defeating.

Does Britain believe in deradicalisation anymore?

4 min read
The real question should be the effectiveness of the British model of deradicalisation. Thus far, it has largely revolved around challenging extremists’ religious ideology.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn’s final election debate: Academic experts on their claims.

5 min read
Fact-checking the party leaders as they clashed over Brexit, Northern Ireland and the NHS.

London Bridge attack: Why longer sentences for terrorist offences are not the answer.

5 min read
A terrorism expert explains the legislation that led to the attacker’s release.

Killing of ISIS leader is not enough to end terrorism.

4 min read
If we really want to end terrorism, it is time for an approach that works.
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