The Sunday Roast

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“I voted out for me, not for him.”

6 min read
No Deal preparations are ramping up, with emergency powers being drafted and a heavier stockpiling effort. But will Parliament act?

Whatever Tuesday's vote brings, face it with courtesy not outrage.

4 min read
Tuesday is set to be a historical day in modern British politics. In this special edition of The Sunday Roast, Daniel Reast considers the vote in its context and its potential effects.

Peace and goodwill toward men: Are Sajid Javid’s ‘genuine asylum seeker’ comments legally accurate?

7 min read
In the first issue of The Sunday Roast in 2019, we review the claims made by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid on the recent reported rise in asylum seekers crossing the English Channel. Javid has defended his approach, but are his claims correct?

Getting spruced up for a Soft Brexit: Is the Norway-Plus option an achievable compromise?

7 min read
This week, The Sunday Roast examines the potential compromise many ministers are passively opting for. But is the Norway-Plus model attainable?

Global Britain for a Flat Earth: Will leaving the EU damage Britain’s image?

6 min read
This week’s Sunday Roast focuses on the concept of a Global Britain, a manifesto policy that has been undermined by Brexit since day one.

Theresa May’s begging “letter to the nation”: Brexit deal, anyone?

10 min read
Hold onto your backstops, this is going to be a bumpy one. This week’s Sunday Roast analyses Theresa May’s begging “letter to the nation”.

Is Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘alternative plan’ for Brexit an achievable policy?

5 min read
This week, our Deputy Political Editor Daniel Reast takes on Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal of a sensible ‘alternative plan’ to Theresa May’s controversial Brexit Deal with the EU.
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