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We have failed as a country.

3 min read
On what is right and wrong and what we have failed. And why, as we are being failed by the government, this is where we as individuals need to stand together now.

Free school meals: Private profit rather than public benefit.

4 min read
Often, when bad things happen, we want to believe that this is an isolated error that can be easily rectified. More often, though, this error is systemic: the outcome of a system structured to do exactly this โ€“ like the UK school meal fiasco.

If you think what happened in Washington canโ€™t happen in London, youโ€™re wrong.

3 min read
We are on the same track, on the same train โ€“ simply a couple of carriages behind the United States...

School reopening โ€” No, Government doesnโ€™t really care about childrenโ€™s education.

23 min read
No, Boris Johnson and his government donโ€™t care about childrenโ€™s education. Tories care about the Economy, Money, and their good friendsโ€™ businesses and shares. They worry not about the little ones learning Maths and English but about their parents showing up at work every morning.

The Opposition should abstain from voting on the Brexit deal.

2 min read
Voting against the Brexit deal can, and probably will, be interpreted as voting for no deal. This is why I believe abstaining is the best and only option.

Johnsonโ€™s deal puts rocket boosters under arguments for independence.

5 min read
All that the Conservatives with their Brexit obsession have done is to put rocket boosters under the Scottish Independence cause.

The priority.

5 min read
Well, now, if nothing else, we know where Johnson and the Tories draw the line. It turns out that there are after all some outrages that they will not tolerate.
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